IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer

IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1

Minimizes your development, deployment, and administration costs
5.1.2 (See all)

It maximizes your return on IT investments by creating reusable services out of your Web services, Java assets, back-end systems, packaged applications, people, and processes.
Main Features:
- Expands the reach of your existing systems using a broad portfolio of rich application and technology adapters
- Improves your IT responsiveness by leveraging a service-oriented architecture to build modular applications that are designed to adapt quickly to change
- Maximizes your developer productivity by quickly constructing new process-based applications using drag-and-drop development tools to visually coordinate the interactions between your software assets
- Allows you to anticipate change by using business rules to embed adaptable business logic into applications and business processes
- Minimizes your development, deployment, and administration costs by building on the industry leading, industry tested, industry supported WebSphere platform
- Protects your infrastructure investments and minimize training costs by developing applications using industry supported open standards.

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